Kendalia General Store

Took the day off work today to ride out to Kendalia and have a burger with Dan and Glen and Anne. Weather was great, ride was great, and the visit was better than great.

The route out to Kendalia

I did about a 90 mile route out, cut down through Bee Caves and took Crumley Ranch Road south to Fitzhugh Road – and ran that all the way to Johnson City. From Johnson City I took Flat Creek Road to Rocky Road and then south across the Blanco on Crabapple Road. The segment from Johnson City to Kendalia was the best route of the day – no stripe no shoulder – about a third of it was good caliche and more than half the route was unfenced open rangeland.

Fitzhugh Road headed West,

The weather was supposed to be cloudy – but it was gorgeous.

The Pedernales River crossing on Fitzhugh Road

We’ve had a little rain in the last couple of weeks, so there were some puddles in the channel of the Pedernales River. We’re still more than 20 inches behind on rainfall this year.

Looking east from Flat Creek Road.

Flat Creek was a great road – open – hardly any fences and great views as you skirted the tops of the ridges.

Rocky Road headed south towards the Blanco River

Rocky Road was a great road as well – about half paved – rough enough to make it fun, tons of cattle guards to bounce over.



We all got excellent burgers – but I was too busy yakking to get a picture of the eats. Kendalia General Store is just a great place – the gals at the counter and the in the kitchen really take care of you – and if you need a radiator hose or fan belt – they’re right handy in the dining room. Had a great time visiting with Glen and Anne and Dan.



Took off and went by Dan and Nancy’s place on Onion Creek and snagged a couple of bags of organic free range pecans.

Headed for the house

Excellent Day

Go Ride!






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2 Responses to Kendalia General Store

  1. Dan says:

    Great hill country shots Kevin. What’s that weird clear stuff in the channel of the Pedernales?

  2. Cynthia says:

    Glen and Dan look so glum. Didn’t they get burgers? Or were they restricted to the low cholesterol meals?

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