Dixon, Illinois – Niagara Falls, New York

Week Nine – July 26, 1924 – July 31, 1924

Dixon, Illinois – Niagara Falls, New York – 740 miles

July 26, 1924
Dixon, Illinois to Chicago Heights, Illinois
140 miles

I left Dixon, Illinois about 11:00 a.m. and had good roads except for two detours. I went past Mooseheart, Illinois – the Moose home – and it is a pretty place. I called at the Post Office here and got a lot of letters. Motor running fine. I am camping tonight.

Chicago Heights, Ill
July 26, 1924
Dear Pop and Ma:
I have sent a card but I will try and write a little more. I received the letters saying you had got the stuff I sent. They were the first letters I got since leaving Los Angeles. So far the whole trip has been even better than I expected it would turn out. I was very lucky coming across Nebraska and Iowa because I had very little rain. The roads were very muddy but not half as bad as they generally are at this time of the year. I took the DLD highway from Denver thru Omaha, Nebr. instead of the Lincoln Highway. [It] was flooded with 6 inches to 2 ft. of water for several miles and all mud the rest of the way. The mud here is different from eastern mud as it cannot be washed off, it has to be cut off in cakes. It is mostly Gumbo. My motorcycle several times had been in rivers running across the road 2 feet deep but [it doesn’t] seem to hurt it. Sometimes the water washes sand in the carburetor but it can be taken apart easily.
I think, as it is not very many hundred miles out of my way, I will go on up to Niagara Falls and then I can say I have seen most all to be seen in this country. I think I’ll start sometime tomorrow and take it along slow and be there about Aug. 6 or 7th. I hear the roads are fairly good all the way to the Falls except a few places. I don’t know exactly the route I’ll take but I guess it will be by way of Toledo, Ohio, Cleveland, Erie and Buffalo.
I hope you can go up to the Falls Aug. 7 and stay a week. I think I can easily get there before that, and as [there] is nothing to hang around here for I might as well start rolling again. It seems if I don’t run a couple hundred miles every day I don’t know what to do with myself. All the country around here is level and about the same as Balto: I saw the first Md. car near Flagstaff, Arizona and one today near here.
They are the only MD cars I have seen on the trip. The car I saw in Arizona belongs down at 724 East 21st St. Both cars were going in the opposite direction from me but I turned around and caught them to see what part of MD they were from, and hear their troubles. Between broken springs, blowed out tires, and burnt out bearings touring is a pleasure to Easterners, and it seems they all have a little of each trouble, but my motorcycle so far has given me very little trouble, and seems to run as good now as when I started.
Address all letters to Niagara Falls, N.Y. (General Delivery) and say in them when you will leave Aug. 7, and what time you will arrive at the Falls and I will try to meet you. I will close hoping to see you Aug. 7.
Your Son,
PS. As soon as you get this address a letter to me General Delivery, Cleveland Ohio, and say whether you will be there.

July 27, 1924
Chicago Heights, Illinois to South Bend, Indiana
90 miles

I left Chicago Heights about 11:00 a.m. on the Lincoln Highway and had good paved roads except for a detour of 15 miles that was sandy and rough. I only ran 4 hours today as from now [on] I have plenty of time if my motor keeps running as it is now. I am going to be at Niagara Falls by August 7 to meet Pop and Ma. I am camping tonight.

July, 28, 1924
South Bend, Indiana to Edgerton, Ohio
95 miles

I left South Bend at noon after being in the rain most all night. I was in a tent but got a little wet. The road was all paved except 40 miles of good gravel roads from the Lincoln Highway north to the Ohio line. I am camping out tonight.

July 29, 1924
Edgerton, Ohio to Toledo, Ohio
105 miles

I left Edgerton about 8:30 a.m. and had good paved roads all the way here. I stopped a while at the Y.M.C.A. and took a swim and workout in the gym, and then went up to a resort on Lake Erie and stayed a while. I am camping a little north of Toledo tonight.

July 30, 1924
Toledo, Ohio to Erie, Pennsylvania
200 miles

I left Toledo early after a night of rain and mud. The roads were fine all the way being paved with only two short detours. I arrived at Cleveland, Ohio about 4:00 p.m. and received a letter from Pop and Ma and I telegraphed them to meet me tomorrow at Niagara Falls. I am only about 100 miles from the Falls so I can easily make it in the morning if nothing happens. I am camping tonight.

July 31, 1924
Erie, Pennsylvania to Niagara Falls, New York
110 miles

I left Erie at 3:30 this morning and got here about 4:30 p.m. It rained continually all the way and made it very slippery and hard to ride. I took a spill near North East, Pennsylvania and hurt my back and did not break anything I don’t think. I came here to [the] Y.M.C.A. and took a swim and feel better. It has been a tough day but my season is through.

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