Hot Oil Ride

I was coming up on my 37,500 oil change – and needed to do a run to get the fluids nice and hot, so I did a run out to Bartlett, Texas to try Lois and Jerry’s Bar and Grill.

Hot oil route

Hot Oil Route

I ran out through Coupland, then up to San Gabriel and into Bartlett on Alligator Road.

Church of Christ

There was a real pretty little Church of Christ in Coupland, so I had to stop and take a picture.

The Steeple

As you can see, not a cloud in the sky. It was in the fifties – excellent riding weather.

Alligator Road

My favorite road of the day was Alligator Road. Long and lonely. The cotton and sorghum fields were all cleared.


And something strange – puddles! We just got about 4 inches of rain which we need bad. There was water in the ditches and the fields were nice and wet.

Downtown Bartlett

Bartlett is an old cotton town – it was pretty prosperous up through the fifties – but almost the only thing open downtown now is Lois and Jerry’s and a bunch of antique stores.

Bartlett Bank

This is the Bartlett Bank. Back in the early 70’s a group of would-be revolutionaries from Austin came out to rob the bank and get their hands on some of that cotton money. They planned it all out – stashed getaway cars in Granger and Taylor – got all loaded up with guns and masks – and rolled in on the bank. Sad for them the bank had closed and moved into a new building.

Lois and Jerry's

Lois and Jerry’s is a nice small town bar and grill. Really friendly folks.

Lois and Jerry's Burger

Sorry for the bad pic – but it was a great burger. Fresh ground beef, well seasoned, toasted bun. And great onions rings to go along with it.

Bartlett Bank Eagle

By the time I got back to the house I’d rolled on another 200km, and the oil was plenty hot.

Go ride!


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