Goodbye Tom

Tom Miller was one of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. He recently died at the age of 96 and I rode over to Kerrville for his memorial.

Riding out I went down through Kendalia and Comfort, and coming back I ran through Fredericksburg and back into Austin – about a 220 mile round trip.

McCall Creek Road

McCall Creek Road (CR411) is an excellent dirt road that cuts between Hwy290 and Hwy281.  Not a lot pf pics today since I was on a timetable – and it was cold and damp.

Friggin Cold

It was about 40 when I left Austin, and it got colder as I ran west.

Running southwest on CR411

But with roads like this and no traffic all day, it was worth it.

The JB CLassic at Classic Burger

I hit Kerrville about noon, and stopped at a great local place  – Classic Burgers – for lunch. This is the JB Classic – big dang beef patty, tons of bacon, cheese, grilled onions, whole leaves of lettuce, whole slices of onion. This is a hundred mile burger, I believe.

Steve Black at Tom's Memorial

Steve Black did a great slide show about Toms life, and several folks spoke about Tom. This bottle was given to Tom’s father when he born in 1915.

Tom' s Birthday Whiskey

You can see it’s “Straight Kentucky Whiskey of the Topmost Class”. Tom had saved it his whole life – never opened. So Steve pulled the cork and we toasted Tom’s long life and how lucky we were to have known him.

Headed Home

Here’s to Tom.



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