Ural National Rally Day

Well, September 10, 2o11 was the first annual (I hope) Ural National Rally Day – and I was the rallymaster. We had about 200 folks from all over the world come out and ride that day – you can check out the details at NationalRallyDay.com.  Best of all – I got to ride in the rally as well – and took my son Don along as the monkey.

The route Don and I rode for Rally Day

We did a loop out east of Austin, and back through Laneport and across the Little River, then through Bartlett to Walburg for Walburgers at Dale’s Essen Haus. We finished the day at the Elgin Cafe for pie.

New Sweden Lutheran Church at Sunrise

A great way to start the day, running out to the New Sweden church just as the sun was coming up. The steeple is 122 feet high.  The rally was a scavenger hunt kind of deal – you got points for taking pictures of historic sites, eating pie, etc. You see my rally flag there – #67 – and this was 25 nice looking points.

Don at the Brushy Creek Bridge

Here’s Don at the Brushy Creek bridge just outside Coupland. There was a herd of about 8 donkeys off the road braying at our Urals.

Bridge Over the Little River

Dave met up with us at the New Sweden Church – and he’d found this old Bridge on Google – so we rattled up about 10 miles of gravel road to check it out. The grader operator in that precinct definitely had a hard hand with the blade – it was filling rattling washboard most of the way. And a blast!

Bartlett Grammar-High School

In Bartlett we stopped by the Bartlett Grammar-High School – this was built in 1905 – and has been restored by the community – it’s a gorgeous building.

Don and Dave at the Bartlett School

Don really wasn’t as miserable as he looks – it was a gorgeous day for riding.

Charlie goes at his Walburger

Charlie came down from Plano the night before and we planned to meet at Dale’s Essenhaus in Walburg between 11:30 and noon. As we rode in from the east at 11:45 Charlie rode in from the West – we all turned into the parking lot at the same time. Almost as if we’d planned it.

Dave comtemplates his Walburger

Dale’s was nice – but there was a pack of old ladies in there when we showed up and it was noisy!

Don munches his Walburger

Note Don’s red pocket protector. I think he choose red to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Ural factory in Irbit, Siberia.

The Walburger

OK – so here’s my Walburger and rings. Pretty good. Half pound of fresh beef, well seasoned, well cooked . Bun was a little smashed up – but the rings were decent. I think out in this area Andice General Store is still the place to go – but this is probably a 30 mile burger.

Lemon Pie

After the Walburgers we hauled back over to 95 and jetted down south to the City Cafe in Elgin for pie. Lemon for me – and it did me in. It was just at a hundred degrees then – so we fled to the house and fell asleep in our recliners.

Excellent ride, excellent company, excellent rally.

Go Ride!


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