Ivan Coleman Davenport Annual Campout

Every year we have a memorial camp out at Krause Springs in Spicewood, Texas to remember Coleman Davenport, who owned an ice house at the northern edge of San Antonio. The sign said “Hills and Dales’ – but everyone who ever spent time there called it Howdy Neighbors – Coleman would sit at the register and call out “Howdy Neighbor” to every person who walked through the door.

Howdy Neighbors - That's Coleman's shilouette in the window.

So, I loaded up the bike for four days of camping and visiting with old friends.

The Ural loaded for camping - packs up nice.

This is our usual camping spot under the cypress trees at Krause Springs – everyone else is down in the water cooling off.

Getting set for a hard day of doing nothing.

I set up my tent a little ways away from the main group – essential if you want to actually sleep.

Another excellent use of a Ural - closeline pole.

On things about Krauses is the dang racoons – there’s no trash cans in the camp area – so if you forget to haul your trash out before you hit the sack . . .

Racoons at work during the night

And the little buggers have figured out how to get into your ice chests and haul off anything that looks tasty as well.

Call CSI - we have prints!

On Friday morning I took the scooter and made a run down to Kendalia – about 85 miles from Krause Springs. There were several county roads I wanted to ride, and then I’d seen a report that the Kendalia General Store made a good burger – so I wanted to check that out.

Krause Springs to Kendalia

The weather was cloudy and a little hazy, but it was only in the mid 80s – so it was nice riding weather. I cut down CR 408 right in Spicewood. Nice 35mph one lane County Road.

CR 408 heading south from Spicewood, Texas.

My KPS (kevo positioning system) – kind of like a rally strip chart. I sit down with a map before a ride and write down my turns (most of then anyway) on 3×5 index cards – and then stick them in a handlebar map case. So, all I need to do (theoretically) is look down and see what my next turn is.

The Kevo Positioning System - also see my phone list since I've never figured out how to put numbers in my cell phone. ,

You’ll notice I don’t put the mileage between turns – since my Ural reports neither miles or kilometers on the odometer – but some other measure of distance related to the phase of the moon I think. Of course, this system all depends on being able to read the road signs.

Got this turn on the third try - CR302 headed down to Cypress Mill.

You can tell from the Cypress Trees that this stream is usually wet.

No worries about high water today - this creek was dry as a bone.

As you cross the divide down into the Cypress Creek you get a nice view of the valley.

Looking south along CR 302 towards Cypress Creek.

Down below Round Mountain I cut Southwest on CR307 (Sandy-Round Mountain Road) – which is a great road – about half the distance to Sandy is nice well-graded gravel – the Blanco County grader operator who maintains this road should get a bonus – no washboard at all.

CR307 - nice high speed gravel road.

From Sandy I took FM1302 down across the Pedernales.

Pedernales Crossing at FM1302. The river is just barely flowing here.

I cut south on The Hye-Albert road, and then a jog on 1888, and down Crababble Road. This is a great road from the Blanco River crossing down into Kendalia. Great hills, no traffic (actually I probably only passed 2 cars this whole route).

Crabapple Road headed south towards Kendalia.

And finally to the Kendalia General Store. There’s no sign, but there are no other businesses really in Kendalia and the post office is on the other end of the building – so it’s not like you’ll spend an hour hunting it down.

Kendalia General Store Lunch Rush

And the burger was worth the ride. This is the Kendalia Burger – cheddar cheese, bacon, grilled onions. Excellent burger – fresh beef, well seasoned with salt and pepper, fresh fixins, the grilled onion was grilled in bacon grease. The paper it was wrapped in was transparent before I’d eaten half the burger  – always a good sign.

The Kendalia Burger at Kendalia General Store

Well fed, I headed back to Krause Spring to visit and hoo hah with the rest of the folks.

Dee Dee and Mike

Melissa and Jarrett doing a tune

Dan, Andy and Mike do what we do best

Michael channels him some Dylan

Mark's got the Lumen eye.

It was an excellent camp out. Here’s to Coleman.

Go ride.




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7 Responses to Ivan Coleman Davenport Annual Campout

  1. Roger Henson says:

    Now thats what I am talking about. Urals are what BMW used to be before they went apeshit with technology. I do love my BMW R1150R. I am thinking maybe next year. I will moto down from Colorado and join the festivities.

  2. Dan says:

    Great shots Kevin. and I’m definitely stopping at the Kendalia store at the nearest opportunity.

  3. w d jolly says:

    Wish I’d a bin there.

  4. Mike Witzel says:

    great story Kevin and with great pics.next go round I hope to stay longer and camp

  5. Dee Dee says:

    Hey, great pics! May I “borrow” the one of Melanie & Jarrett and the one of Mike W. and me for my FB page? I regret that I only took one picture the whole day (and that one was of lightening. Thanks for sharing your travelogue.

  6. Brandon Davenport says:

    Man…that looks like a good ol time! Wish I was closer, but living out in California doesn’t get me back to the good old things as often. Hope to hear from some of you!

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