Andice Loop

The Burger at the Andice General Store was calling to me – so we did another ride out there to chow one down.

This time we looped out to the east, went through Manor, up 973 to Taylor (and had a hard time passing by the Taylor Cafe), then ran up County Road 366 to cross the San Gabriel at the old Circleville Bridge. Then Granger (where Sissy Spacek is from), Walburg, Theon, Schwertner, Jarrell, Florence and Andice. Basically all the urban hot spots.

The Circleville Bridge on CR366 at the San Gabriel is in pretty good shape – you can still get out on it on foot.

All my buddys are sick of bridges – so you guys have to look at these pics.

The San Gabriel was flowing well – saw a couple of carp in the shallows – and a guy was fishing upstream for catfish.

I don’t what’s in the iron on this bridge – but it’s rusted bright friggin orange  – kind of neat looking.

The deck is 4x6s – and in pretty good shape – only a few missing – if they didn’t have barriers across both ends I’d ride my scooter across in a heartbeat.

And a great pecan bottom where you can pull off to the side and muck around on the bridge.

So, this is in Granger. I wonder about their business model – Furniture, Undertaking, Wallpaper?  If you look through the windows you can see the roof is collapsed so I guess the folks in Granger weren’t dying to remodel (rimshot).

The Holy Trinity Church in Theon. As you run down FM 1105 you can see it up on the hill for a long way – a nice looking church.

Not as fancy inside as some the Fayette County painted churches – but nice.

So, last trip out here to the Andice General Store I gobbled up the burger before I took a picture – this time I didn’t get a pic of the store – but managed to snap one of the burger before it disappeared.

About 140 miles – nice morning’s ride.


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